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Before and after: Citizen Promaster

Before and after: Citizen Promaster

As you may know, (or may not know) we have since April 2013 a King. And he is visiting our little village in April to celebrate his birthday.
This inspired me to make a ‘kingsday watch’, with the colors of the Dutch flag (red, white and blue), and the orange ribbon, wich is showed only on
birthdays, birth or marriages of the royal family, and is a reference to the family name, wich is ‘Orange”
I gave the movement a overhaul, changed the dial, the hands and the bezelinsert. I painted the minute track orange, and put in a new crystal, and a NATO strap. Here the result

Before and after: Citizen Promaster

Citizen Promaster

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Citizen NY 0040 – 8200 200 mtr LEFTHOOK

This watch was found in a lot. Movement, crystal and case were damaged.
Nice feature of this watch is its crown on the left side, at 8 o’clock
I have been able to preserve the dial and hands, so they are original. The only thing I had to replace was the bezel-insert.
I put in a ‘pepsi’ (blue/red), because I liked the combo with a red/black Nato strap.
I am working on another CTZ at the moment, in the next posting I will post some pics of the overhaul of the movement.
The state the watch was in when I received it, is comparable with the other watches. I didnt made a picture of it…

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Citizen 8200 Diver

It has been quiet for a while. Busy with repairs, not that much time for rebuilds. I received a Citizen 8200 Diver the other day. Watch this site. The final result soon. To be continued….

And here it is, the final result. As promised, the pictures. I gave the watch a new dial, hands, bezelinsert and crystal. I polished the case and gave the movement a complete overhaul. It is, offcourse, for sale. If you want more info, you can contact me via the ‘about’ page, or send an email.


Het is een tijdje rustig geweest op het opknap-front. Druk gehad met reparaties. Afgelopen week deze prachtige Citizen 8200 duiker binnengekregen. Binnenkort het eindresultaat. Wordt vervolgd…. En daar zijn ze dan. De foto’s van het eindresultaat. Het horloge kreeg een nieuwe wijzerplaat, wijzers, bezelinleg en glas. De kast is opgepoetst, en het uurwerk geserviced. Het horloge is, natuurlijk, te koop. Meer info, via email, of via de ‘about’ pagina.



Citizen 8200


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