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Seiko SKX007 extreme modding

This time modding of a Seiko SKX007. This very popular Seiko is often subject of modding, because parts are easy obtainable.
The watch was in bad state, and after I refinished the case and serviced the movement I wanted to do something different regarding the bezel color.
Changing the dial with one with round indices and Mercedes style hands I was rather pleased with the result

Before and after:

Seiko kermit beforeKermit after

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Citizen NY 0040 – 8200 200 mtr LEFTHOOK

This watch was found in a lot. Movement, crystal and case were damaged.
Nice feature of this watch is its crown on the left side, at 8 o’clock
I have been able to preserve the dial and hands, so they are original. The only thing I had to replace was the bezel-insert.
I put in a ‘pepsi’ (blue/red), because I liked the combo with a red/black Nato strap.
I am working on another CTZ at the moment, in the next posting I will post some pics of the overhaul of the movement.
The state the watch was in when I received it, is comparable with the other watches. I didnt made a picture of it…

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Citizen NY2300 8200 diver 200 mtrs

The other day I had some spare time left, so I worked on a citizen diver I obtained… The 8200 200 mtrs. Work involved: A complete overhaul, changing bezelinsert, crystal and hands, buffing the case, finding a strap for it. Here some before and after pictures:



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