Seiko diver 7002- Black mod

I received a Seiko diver, 7002-7000 who was modded years ago by the late Noah Fuller (R.I.P.).
He died way to young in 2011 and brought modding to a higher lever, as far as I am concerned

Here a pic of the watch as it was sold in the shops
Seiko 7002 original

Here the modded version:
Seiko 7002 modded Noah

The owner wanted a black dial, without any markers, no date, black hands and a complete black bezel, without the pip.

First I had to find a dial and strip the paint. Then I had to close the date window
seiko 7002 dial stripped

Sanding dial and bezel, and spraypainting them. 4 layers and seal it with varnish
Seiko 7002 dial paintedSeiko 7002 dial bezel painted

Seiko 7002 assembling


Ready ! Black stealth mod

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