Service of a Seiko 7005 dresswatch (1974)

This watch was 20 minutes slow a day. It stopped now and then, so time for a service.

The watch

In the spa, ready for the ultrasonic


Preparing the oil and grease

Assembly of the top plate. Mainspring, geartrain assembled

Gear train bridge assembled

Assembly of the bottom plate

Almost ready

Ready. Now we can start on the dial/hands

Dial attached

Hands attached. Wel I forgot to take a pic of it, so its a crop of the first pic

Cased up, Rotor assembled

A quick check on the timegrapher. Not bad for a Seiko this old. Amplitude is a bit low, but with these Seiko’s this is often the case. The next day it had 210 degrees.

And ready for return to its owner

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