Seiko 7548-7000

This is a special quartz movement. It is based on the 6309 and it is a one on one replacement for this mechanical movement. Brian May, Queens guitar player wore one for years.
Build in 1982 I found this watch on Ebay. The problem with these movements is that during a batterychange the coil is often damaged, leaving a dead movement. This was sold as a non runner.
As I had a spare movement I decided to give it a try. and the owner immediately accepted my bid. After arriving I tested it, and was very happy that I got a pulse. The train didnt run, it was sticking together. After dismantling it and cleaning it, changing some batterycontacts and a new battery it worked like a charm. The case needed a polish, I left the original crystal, hands, bezelinsert and dial. I didnt take many pics but here is what I have got. If youre interested, the watch is for sale. See the webshop for more info











Badly scratched back

The movement





















Before and after some polishing.











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