Maurice Lacroix Chrono Valjoux 7750

A while ago I received this Maurice Lacroix watch. Fitted with a Valjoux 7750. Problem was the hour counting wheel (subdial at 6) was off and the dial was loose.
After stripping the watch the dial was broken of from the dialfeet. The hand was wandering with the broken tap in it. Amp was 130° and not in beat.
After stripping and cleaning the movement I found no other problems. The other problem was removing the tap from the hand. It has a diameter of 0.18mm, so care is needed.
With a old oiler, cut down and sanded to size, I managed to get it out. After replacing the hour counting wheel, soldering the dial feet and a good clean I gave the case a light polish.

Missing the hand at 6 and if you look at the date you see it is slightly misaligned

The dial without its feet










The hour counting wheel without its tap











Almost stripped and ready for the cleaning machine

Cleaned an running


Waiting for the dial to be repaired










The dial being repaired by masterdialrepairer Robbin, my collegue at Chronoglide 










Al complete now, and cased up. After testing I had a very happy customer collecting it.





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