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Cartier Santos Galbée

Some time ago I received this watch. It had the crown broken off. Because this is a case without a screwback, it has a split winding stem. The movement comes out of the front. Because the crown broke off at the top, it was not possible to divide the stem where it has to be divided, so it was to long to get it out of the case. After a struggle and help from my collegue the movement came out. As expected it suffered from rust. The movement had a real bad amplitude, aprox 140 degrees, and was contaminated with rust, so a service was needed. And the search for a new crown/stem combination. Cartier parts are not easy to find. The Richemont group don’t deliver parts to the independent watchmaker. But thanks to fellow watchmakers I could obtain a new crown/stem combination and gaskets. They come not cheap though. After servicing the movement it had an amplitude of 300 degrees, of wich I am quite satisfied.

Crown snapped of












Broken, rusted stem


Crown part of the winding stem, aka the female part. Notice the rust







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