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Seiko 7002 diver modding

I received a Seiko 7002 diver, modded by the late Noah Fuller (RIP).  Noah died much to young in 2011. For those who never heard of him, he brought modding to the next level.
Anyway, the owner wanted a stealthy watch, without markers.

Here the pics of the original watch and the mod by Noah:

       Original                                                                                      Noahs Mod

First I had to find a dial. As the 7002 has a date window, I had to close it. On this pic the dial is stripped from its paint, and the date window is gone.
Stripped dial

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As promised: The making of a Seiko SKX ”BB’ Tribute.

Well here it is. The making of. / Daar is hij dan. The making of.

This watch is for sale. for info, email me. / Dit horloge is te koop. voor info, neem contact op via Email

The watch was in similor state as this. I forgot to take its pic. / Het horloge zag er ongeveer zo uit. Ik ben vergeten om die te fotograferen.

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