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Seiko SKX007 extreme modding

This time modding of a Seiko SKX007. This very popular Seiko is often subject of modding, because parts are easy obtainable.
The watch was in bad state, and after I refinished the case and serviced the movement I wanted to do something different regarding the bezel color.
Changing the dial with one with round indices and Mercedes style hands I was rather pleased with the result

Before and after:

Seiko kermit beforeKermit after

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Russian 1980 Moscow Olympic Games

I found in an auction this beaten up Russian watch. I am rather fond of the movements so I thought I make a bid and take my chances.

Here is what I received:


Van Poljot Olympics 1980


After I opened it up and dismantled the watch, I found a fine russian Poljot movement.
The dial has suffered over the years, but still has its charmes. It turns from eggplant purple to brown, depending on the reflecting of the light.
After polishing the case, changing the crystal and buffing the hands it turned out quite nice.
The movement has had an overhaul and is ticking like in its glory days.

Poljot moscow olympics watch

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Before and after: Citizen Promaster

Before and after: Citizen Promaster

As you may know, (or may not know) we have since April 2013 a King. And he is visiting our little village in April to celebrate his birthday.
This inspired me to make a ‘kingsday watch’, with the colors of the Dutch flag (red, white and blue), and the orange ribbon, wich is showed only on
birthdays, birth or marriages of the royal family, and is a reference to the family name, wich is ‘Orange”
I gave the movement a overhaul, changed the dial, the hands and the bezelinsert. I painted the minute track orange, and put in a new crystal, and a NATO strap. Here the result

Before and after: Citizen Promaster

Citizen Promaster

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Seiko Diver modded to Tudor Black Bay

This week I worked on a Seiko diver, pretty beaten up.
It is marked as a 7s26-0030 but it is bigger, size is 7s26-0020s.
I received the watch as seen in the first picture. Then I gave it the works. A service, cleaning and polishing of the case,Ā new domed crystal, new nato strap. It is for sale, visit the shop here.
The before and after pictures:

Tudor black bay
Tudor black bay
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Citizen NY2300 8200 diver 200 mtrs

The other day I had some spare time left, so I worked on a citizen diver I obtained… The 8200 200 mtrs. Work involved: A complete overhaul, changing bezelinsert, crystal and hands, buffing the case, finding a strap for it. Here some before and after pictures:



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Seiko 6309-7040 orange dial

The Seiko 6309-704* is a very popular model under collectors. It has a distinctive case shape, known as “Turtle” or “Cushion”.
The best ones are the ones with original dial and hands, but often they come in a very bad state, beyond salvation.
Fortunately there are after market parts for them available, so its possible to resurrect them. Its a pain in the neck for the fanatic collectors, but I think a refurbished watch is better than no watch.
De Seiko 6309-704* is een erg populair model onder verzamelaars. Met een bijzondere kastvorm, de “schildpad” of”kussen” genoemd.
De beste zijn die met een originele wijzerplaat en wijzers, maar meestal zijn die in erg slechte staat.
Gelukkig zijn nieuwe onderdelen verkrijgbaar, dus de mogelijkheid is er om ze weer op te knappen. Hoewel de fanatieke verzamelaar hier pijn in de ogen van krijgt, vind ik een opgeknapt horloge beter dan geen horloge.



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