Landeron 48 Chrono aprox 1940s

Thanks to a  very nice client I got my hands on this very nice chrono. Famous Landeron 48 movement who needed a service and had a broken balance staff. The repairing cost exceed its value, so he gave it as a gift to me.

If youre interested, you can see the complete dismantling proces here
It wil be updated frequently.

Landeron 48

Landeron 48

Mouvex, aprox 1942



Tissot 1956 27B-21

On the bench a nice Tissot from 1956.

I start with the end result this time










The watch bumped against a corner of a table, and fell on the ground. Result was a broken crystal, bend hands, lost half of the lume of the hands and a non running watch. Some pics of the stripping of the movement








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Maurice Lacroix Chrono Valjoux 7750

A while ago I received this Maurice Lacroix watch. Fitted with a Valjoux 7750. Problem was the hour counting wheel (subdial at 6) was off and the dial was loose.
After stripping the watch the dial was broken of from the dialfeet. The hand was wandering with the broken tap in it. Amp was 130° and not in beat.
After stripping and cleaning the movement I found no other problems. The other problem was removing the tap from the hand. It has a diameter of 0.18mm, so care is needed.
With a old oiler, cut down and sanded to size, I managed to get it out. After replacing the hour counting wheel, soldering the dial feet and a good clean I gave the case a light polish.

Missing the hand at 6 and if you look at the date you see it is slightly misaligned

The dial without its feet










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Seiko 7548-7000

This is a special quartz movement. It is based on the 6309 and it is a one on one replacement for this mechanical movement. Brian May, Queens guitar player wore one for years.
Build in 1982 I found this watch on Ebay. The problem with these movements is that during a batterychange the coil is often damaged, leaving a dead movement. This was sold as a non runner.
As I had a spare movement I decided to give it a try. and the owner immediately accepted my bid. After arriving I tested it, and was very happy that I got a pulse. The train didnt run, it was sticking together. After dismantling it and cleaning it, changing some batterycontacts and a new battery it worked like a charm. The case needed a polish, I left the original crystal, hands, bezelinsert and dial. I didnt take many pics but here is what I have got. If youre interested, the watch is for sale. See the webshop for more info











Badly scratched back

The movement

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Cartier Santos Galbée

Some time ago I received this watch. It had the crown broken off. Because this is a case without a screwback, it has a split winding stem. The movement comes out of the front. Because the crown broke off at the top, it was not possible to divide the stem where it has to be divided, so it was to long to get it out of the case. After a struggle and help from my collegue the movement came out. As expected it suffered from rust. The movement had a real bad amplitude, aprox 140 degrees, and was contaminated with rust, so a service was needed. And the search for a new crown/stem combination. Cartier parts are not easy to find. The Richemont group don’t deliver parts to the independent watchmaker. But thanks to fellow watchmakers I could obtain a new crown/stem combination and gaskets. They come not cheap though. After servicing the movement it had an amplitude of 300 degrees, of wich I am quite satisfied.

Crown snapped of












Broken, rusted stem


Crown part of the winding stem, aka the female part. Notice the rust







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